The Opportunista On Set

Discover how theses Opportunistas have started and grown
their businesses, and what they’ve learned along the way.

Jennifer Beall Saxton
Founder & CEO | Tot Squad

Learn how Jennifer has built an entirely new business model around helping busy parents seek greater work-life balance.
Learn Jennifer’s secret to successfully raise money from angel investors and fund your business with the capital you need.

Marrin Costello
Founder & Creative Director | MARRIN COSTELLO

Learn how Marrin transformed what was once a hobby into a company and the mindset that infuses how she runs her business.
Learn Marrin’s advice on how to effectively build strategic partnerships to grow your business and your brand.

Jackie Sorkin
CEO | The Hollywood Candy Girls

Learn how Jackie built her business by leveraging her passion to bring genuine joy
to her customers.
Learn Jackie’s on how advice to handle your first major client with this transformative approach to help you overcome any fear.

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