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you need to answer before you start. Plus, l
earn how to identify the features, benefits, customers, competitors, mission statement, and name of your business.

What is The Opportunista?

The Opportunista is a digital education platform
that helps aspiring and early-stage women entrepreneurs

  develop business ideas from concept to company.


Why work for your dream company when you can create your dream company?

Welcome to The Opportunista


If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur who needs a step-by-step structure to develop your business idea, you’ll learn how to do exactly that with The Opportunista.

The Opportunista is a digital education platform for aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs to learn how to develop a business idea into a company.

If you don’t have an MBA, or an extensive business or innovation background, or if you haven’t worked at a startup, don’t sweat it. I have, and I’ve leveraged my experience to develop a detailed framework to take a business idea to launch. I’m sharing the beginning of this framework for FREE so that you can start your business on the right foot.

For the past decade and a half, I’ve dedicated my career to helping other companies and organizations thrive. I’ve developed my extensive business and innovation background across a range of industries and types of organizations, including startups, nonprofits, and large corporations. I have experience as a management consultant at a top global firm and work with leading Fortune 500 clients to solve their toughest strategic problems. Immediately prior, I worked at a nonprofit organization where I designed global incentive competitions to create and crowdsource innovative and exponential change to benefit humanity. I’ve also interviewed more than 50 women entrepreneurs as I’ve built The Opportunista.

I’ve helped companies develop their strategies for long-term success, innovate their way to global acclaim, create their robust marketing and communications programs, cultivate their brands to deliver real value, manage their extensive project portfolios, and build their stakeholder relationships to provide ongoing loyalty and support.

I’ve done all this for others. Now I’m doing it for my business – The Opportunista. And I want to help you build your business. I want to help you OWN YOUR START.

If you want to learn how to strategically and systematically develop a business idea for launch and long-term growth, I welcome you to learn more about The Opportunista and how we can work together to transform your concept into a company. You can start right away by signing up for The Opportunista’s free Business Idea Blueprint course.

Grateful for the opportunity,


It's Time to Build Your Business

You can get started right away by signing up for my free course where you’ll learn how to develop your business idea, including:

  • The Key Question You Need to Ask Yourself as an Aspiring Entrepreneur
  • The 3-Part Formula to Determine Your Business Idea
  • How to Identify Your Business Offering’s Features, Ideal Customers, and Competitors
  • How to Develop a Meaningful Mission Statement
  • How to Create a Memorable Name for Your Business

This course includes a comprehensive strategy complete with examples from my interviews with the Opportunistas and a case study about The Opportunista, plus valuable exercises that will help you to effectively determine and build your business idea according to the above topics.

By following this prioritized approach, you'll save your time, energy, and money as build your business idea, while managing the rest of your life.

You'll finish the course with a solid foundation for your business idea, an understanding of how to determine and differentiate the quality of your idea, and the ability to communicate the unique value of your idea.

Turn Your Business Idea Into a Reality


Learn the important question to ask before you get started


Develop your business offering's benefits and unique value


Understand your customers, allies, and competitors


Craft a mission statement that reaches your target audience


Provide your business with a lasting and memorable name

What's Included in the Business Idea Blueprint Course?

The Opportunista’s Business Idea Blueprint course includes 5 "at your own pace" lessons. The first lesson will be emailed to you when you sign up. Successive modules are sent to you as soon as you complete the exercises for each lesson. You can complete the course in a few hours, or if you have to step away for a few days, you'll automatically receive each module every other business day. This means you will be able to complete the full course in 2 weeks, anytime and anywhere. Even if you have a full-time job, a family, or other commitments, completing the course in 2 weeks is achievable and encouraged.


Each lesson builds on the previous lesson. The structure is methodical and seamless, and the content is comprehensive – inclusive of specific examples and thorough exercises to help you take action. These exercises are not standard PDF printable worksheets. The course utilizes cutting-edge technology to drive you to TAKE ACTION by creating a living and breathing digital document for your idea. By completing the course exercises, you will identify the features, benefits, customers, competitors, mission statement, and name of your business.

The Business Idea Blueprint Lesson Plan



  • The key considerations related to answering an essential question as an aspiring entrepreneur
  • Insights from 3 Opportunistas who were able to answer this question to build their businesses
  • A step-by-step exercise that I call “The Entrepreneur’s Time Capsule” that helps you answer this essential question

Meet The Opportunistas

Opportunista: (n) A woman entrepreneur creating opportunities to live her best life

I’ve spent the past year interviewing more than 50 women entrepreneurs who have built, launched, and operated successful businesses across a range of industries, including technology, media, consumer products, beauty, fashion, fitness, professional services, and more.

The Business Idea Blueprint shows you how these Opportunistas have:

  • Built thriving businesses by effectively answering a critical question as an aspiring entrepreneur
  • Leveraged their passions and interests to determine a successful business idea
  • Developed a solid business idea with the essential make-it or break-it ingredient for long-term success
  • Created lasting and memorable business names to attract their target customers and differentiate themselves from the competition
  • Demonstrated the key characteristics and practices to help them pursue entrepreneurship for the long haul

One of the toughest aspects about being an entrepreneur is feeling like you're a vacuum. The course will show you that you’re not alone. These Opportunistas have all been where you are – at the start of this exciting and rewarding entrepreneurial journey.

So let’s get started together.



How Will the Business Idea Blueprint Course Help Me?

A strategy and structure to develop your business idea is critical to lay the foundation for the long-term success of your business.

So many resources gloss over the critical beginning steps and jump to the sexy stuff: What do you need to do to participate in an incubator or accelerator? How do you raise money for your venture? How do you develop an exit strategy?

While these are ambitious questions to ask, they are not the right questions to ask when you are trying to develop your initial business idea. You need to take several steps back to build the foundation. If you don’t lay the groundwork, you put the long-term success of your business in jeopardy. Plus, you need much more than just an idea to land yourself an opportunity with an incubator and accelerator, or to raise money, or to develop an exit strategy. An incredible amount of work needs to be done before you consider any of these avenues to build your business.

Why not get started on the right foot? OWN YOUR START.

Build a Solid Foundation for Your Business

step by step

Receive the step-by-step strategy to lay the foundation for the long-term success of your business


Build your business idea with knowledge and confidence, and without wasting your valuable time, money, or resources


Understand the questions you need to ask to ensure you have the right mindset to be a future business owner


Identify the features, benefits, customers, competitors, mission statement, and lasting name of your business

unique value

Determine your business's unique value to attract customers and to stand out from the competition

customer persona

Create detailed customer personas to understand, target, and build relationships with your ideal customers


Learn from an entrepreneur with an MBA who helps Fortune 500 companies thrive and has interviewed 50+ entrepreneurs


Discover how the Opportunistas have built and operated their own successful businesses across various industries

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